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It's all about YOU! The concept is a simple one. Your Own Universe. You, your health, wealth and happiness, all perfectly aligned.

It all starts with you. Where are you now? Not where you think you should be? Is it time to make a change?


Own it!  Get selfish! Take control of who you are, what you want, and where you want life's journey to take you. 

Do you want us to nudge you out of your comfort zone??


The world is yours! Take your rightful place in the universe. You are amazing. Isn't it time you started to display your true self. A NEW self.

We guarentee you will experience success matched only by your tenacity, commitment and hard work.

Sit back, relax, and see what we can do for YOU.

What we do.

We offer Life Strategy Coaching & Personal Mentoring.


Significant Me - Life Strategy Coaching

'I am so glad that I found you. Thank you endlessly, you have helped me to make much needed changes at work and at home. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you and your sister so much. I will always keep you updated with what's going on in my life'

Nusula - Mum & Insurance Professional

Significant Me -   Personal Mentoring

'I was caught in a thick dark fog, cautious of the next direction, afraid to take the next step and was in need of some professional guidance.

Desiree at Significant Me has been a lifeline and a tremendous support. She managed to keep me calm and help me to find ways to slow down, be still, and see things rationally at moments when I felt as though I was speeding into a head-on collision with chaos'

Sharon B - Mum, Wife, Artist and Educator

Significant Me - Life Strategy Coaching

'Through attentive listening, gentle and well-structured questioning Desiree enabled me to focus on the positives of who I am and stop beating myself up. I was able to look at and work with what I have, with the encouraging reminder to be kind to myself. She encoencouraged me to express my thoughts and feelings without worry of judgment, restoring confidence in my own voice. I got back to being me. 

"We never walk alone, not even when we feel alone because although born by ourselves we were created to progress one another."

I am not sure where this quote came from however it's significant to my experience being coached by Desiree. Thank you!'

Sharon B - Mum, Wife, Artist and Educator


Is Life Strategy Coaching the same as counselling?

No, Although both encourage changes in behaviour, Life Strategy Coaching is a motivational partnership.

What is Life Strategy Coaching?

Life Strategy Coaching is a personal, practical and strategic service that allows you to identify and implement success strategies which promote goal setting and planning in order for you to achieve exelerated positive outcomes.

What is Mentoring?

Significant-Me Mentoring service combines the benefit of our shared experience together with advice and guidance around everyday life choices to enhance your professional and /or personal development.

If I sign up as a client, do I have to commit?

Yes, in the same way that we commint to providing you with a high quality service, you must commit to putting in the work. Your achievements will match your level of commitment.

How long will it take for me to improve my life?

Although you will start making changes and seeing improvements immediately; our minimum service, is  delivered over 3 months to give you opportunity to  imbed personal success habits. 


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